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Paul Luckey, Linda Luckey, Carol Luckey

Family owned & operated since opening in 1946, Rockdale Memorial Company has been creating beautiful monuments for over six decades.  Whether you call them monuments, headstones, tombstones, or grave markers, we have them available in all types and colors of granite or marble.

After the passing of Edward Luckey in 1982, Rockdale Memorial remained under the operation of his three children, who have strived to keep the ideals of a small business, and the needs of their customers. 

The Luckey family takes pride in producing everything themselves from the layout & design to the placing of the monuments, so those burdens do not pass on to your family. 

Rockdale Memorial Company has a true belief in customer service and fine craftsmanship which shows in each monument they create.When the time comes to choose a monument for a loved one, have faith in the knowledge that their family will be taking care of your family.

Dorothy E. ~~ "It is such pleasure doing business with such caring and accommodating folks"